Supported Employment

We provide a variety of support options for people seeking paid employment. There is no time limit on how long we are able to work alongside people and no cost to access our support. Our work is aligned with the Principles of ASENZ which are:

  • Open waged employment: Supported Employment is based in the open labour market; same rewards, same conditions as everyone else.
  • Individualised – based upon partnership: Supported Employment services are expected to meet a client’s individual support needs (whether employer or job seeker). They fundamentally represent a partnership.
  • Direct access to employment pathways: Supported Employment services will facilitate direct access to the labour market (optimally within 4 weeks) developing and utilising a precise job/person match – without insistence upon prolonged ‘getting ready’ activities or pre-vocational training.
  • Inclusive services; socially inclusive outcomes: No person will be ‘screened out’ or denied service based upon a perceived severity of challenge or disadvantage.
  • ‘Life match’ through choices: Work is a means to an end and should complement and enhance a person’s life and well-being, and the achievement of their aspirations and potential.
  • Ongoing workplace support: Support services and strategies are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for both employer and employee, and promote the development of natural supports, which may lead to the withdrawal of formal support services.

Community Development

We work alongside people seeking support to participate in and contribute to their community, whether this be joining clubs or groups, volunteering or trying out a number of different community activities to decide what it is they like to do.  Our team of community resource workers and community facilitators are knowledgeable and connected with networks in a number of our communities.

Youth Services

We understand that this can be a time of both excitement and uncertainty as students leave school and transition to life as an adult.  Our aim is to ensure that transition from school is a coordinated and well planned process.

We believe that the student is the primary stakeholder in the transition process.  The dreams and goals of the student are the key driver in guiding our work.

We welcome referrals from students up to 2 years prior to them leaving school.  This allows us time to connect with the student and family/whanau, attend IEP meetings and build a relationship in the first instance.  We then expect that when the student is in their final year of school all parties are better prepared and ready to engage in the nuts and bolts of the transition process.

CCT support youth across all areas of the organisation and invite you to contact one of the team us to find out more

Micro Business

Starting a new business can be a daunting prospect. Our employment facilitators offer support for people to develop their ideas into a business plan. We focus on the skills and strengths of the person. Micro-business is a tried and tested method for creating employment opportunities for people who have not had success in obtaining work in the open employment market.
We receive no government funding for our work in supporting people in micro-business and rely on support from donors to be able to do this work.

Access and Eligibility

Please contact us directly if you would like to discuss how to go about accessing support. or contact the main office on 466 3055.