Choice in Community Living is an alternative to residential services for people with significant disabilities. It offers increased choice and control over where they live, who they live with and how they are supported.

CCT has welcomed the opportunity to be a Choices in Community Living provider in both Otago and Southland. 

Choices in Community Living is aligned with our values and our history of working in a way that supports people to have the life they want to have as determined by them.  The funding enables people to choose what their support looks like, how often, where, and who will provide their support. 

Contact us to discuss how CCT can support you with your Choices in Community Living. 


Jo Fowler phone (03) 466 3055 or 027 487 6957

Jan Walter  phone (03) 466 3055 or 027 477 0491


Haley Pienaar phone (03) 211 0021 or 021 191 9771

For more information: